Monthly reporting services with Media Giant

Monthly Reporting

When you join Media Giant as a recurring client, we provide in-depth reporting as a free add-on to our ongoing service for your business.

We believe this is a necessary part of displaying the value you receive from working with our team, and our reports are designed to be customised to include which part of our business you’re engaging with.

What is in a Media Giant monthly report?

Our monthly client reports are a reflection of how we approach our customers; treating each one with a unique and holistic attitude. When your business teams up with Media Giant, we’ll discuss which of our services you’d like to benefit from, and then tailor our product package and monthly client report around that individual angle.


Crucially, our monthly reports are for your benefit. They’re designed to contain comprehensive detail of your goals and how we’re tracking toward those, with all the information contained within easily understandable.


This is why we create our monthly client reports to be clear and uncomplicated. You won’t find endless pages containing unreadable walls of text – instead you’ll find all your goals and data presented in a concise and image-complemented document.

Why does a business benefit from a monthly report?


Just as we love to show our clients how their business is performing and working toward their digital targets, we know it’s just as vital that everyone within your business can see that as well.


Our reports enable everyone within your business who needs access to your marketing data and campaign tracking to understand performance at a glance, and our monthly reporting documents are designed to be easily shareable amongst your staff and heads of department.


One of the greatest benefits we see through providing our monthly client reports is to ensure everyone is on the same page, and equally engaged in what we’re doing for your business as your own team will be. This saves time when deciding on new opportunities or campaign strategies, and reveals areas of the business you can enhance or improve through various digital marketing approaches.

Monthly Reporting

What does Media Giant offer in SEO reports?


Depending on the service you’ll be engaging our team in for your business, you’ll find our reports contain all the necessary and crucial information you need to see how well your marketing strategy is developing.


This can include:


  • Google Analytics data
  • Search console performance tracking
  • Google Ads performance and conversions
  • Rankings in organic and paid search
  • Facebook campaign data and popular posts or pages
  • LinkedIn engagement and performance
  • Facebook Ads performance and returned value
  • MailChimp customer response, engagement, and conversion details
  • Much more – all tailored to provide the information you need specifically for your business.

Not a Media Giant client? No problem!


While we include our monthly client reports as standard for all our recurring clients, we still offer our monthly reporting services for our one-off customers at an industry-competitive rate.


If you’d like to learn more about our monthly client reports, or want to speak to one of our team about how we can curate a unique report to give you the digital data you need, simply fill out the form below, and one of the Media Giant team will contact you as soon as we can to help.

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