Connect to your audience with a monthly EDM and remind them of your services

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Electronic Direct Mail Marketing

Media Giant takes care of the logistics of the EDM, designing it and sending it to your client list. It’s a great way to target a large audience base and focus on building lasting relationships with your past clients, influencing them to purchase from your business or revisit your services. We support you in optimising your client list and creating different EDMs for specific audiences.

Build Relationships
If you would like to increase the relationship with your customers and regularly create an EDM that showcases any new products and services you offer, links to a fresh blog that you have written or offers a deal to your returning customers, get in touch with Media Giant.
Make It Stand Out!
Our design and content team will work together to create a great looking and sounding EDM for your business that is sure to raise your customer’s interest in your brand again.
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