Database Marketing

A strong database strategy starts with a CRM.

A database of customers and leads is a hugely valuable opportunity for any marketing effort, and Media Giant can help you both build and take advantage of such a tool. Database marketing is one of our specialties; it’s all about leveraging connections to keep people interested in and aware of your product or service.


A strong database marketing strategy starts with a CRM (customer relationship management) solution that will help your organisation to track sales leads, determine customer lifetime values, and stay aware of which leads or customers haven’t been spoken to or “touched” in a while. A good CRM will allow you to build a database, collect as much information as possible on each customer or potential customer, manage interactions, and analyse patterns that can inform continued marketing efforts. 

Care to see an example?

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Media Giant can help you to find the program that works for your specific needs.

Sales leads can be captured in many ways—for example, collecting email addresses by offering free ebook downloads.

Once captured, contacts can be used to great effect: email campaigns, SMS marketing, and much more. However, there are plenty of things to think about when crafting a database marketing strategy; frequency of messages, relevant and interesting content, personalisation, and other considerations can be tricky to navigate. Media Giant can provide expert guidance in all database marketing efforts.

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