Funnel Marketing

A successful funnel for capturing and nurturing new leads is rocket fuel for your sales, and developing one that works should be a priority for any sales and marketing team.

Media Giant can help in all aspects of your sales funnel, from ads for awareness to database marketing.

Four concepts make up the funnel, from the wide mouth at the top to the narrower stream of qualified leads at the bottom. It starts with awareness: ensuring that a potential sales lead or customer is aware of their problems or pain points and that your product or service could help to solve them. Then comes interest: getting the prospect interested in your products or services in the wider sense. After that, it narrows to desire for a particular brand (preferably, yours!), and finally, at the bottom of the funnel is action: a purchase.

Funnel image

What we provide is tried-and-tested methods that can be employed at each stage of the funnel.

Through social media ads and a variety of other channels, we can create awareness and generate interest. We employ strategies to capture contact information and get prospects into a database. Then, we apply data metrics to determine which leads are the strongest, and draw those in with more targeted ads and messaging, often offering sweeteners to close the deal. 

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If you are out of your depth when it comes to creating and managing a sales funnel, get in touch with the Media Giant team. We’d love to help!