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Google Landing Page

Instant leads in your inbox daily with Google Ads

Website SEO takes time and costs a fair amount of money to get that coverted page one and posistion one ranking for your serach terms. If you’re in the need of instant leads, Google Ads is often the answer. 

A well crafted Google Ads campaign with a specially designed landing page can spark results instantly. At Media Giant, we provide both services to ensure your business is getting leads today.

Specific, targeted landing pages

Sometimes a site can get too big and broad. While a vast site with lots of information certainly has its advantages SEO-wise, it can be intimidating for anyone searching for a very specific service, especially if they are looking for it in a particular geographic location. When a company operates regionally, nationally, or globally, it can be difficult to target customers in one area with the main site. The same goes for a specific service or product that’s being launched—these new or unique offerings can get lost in a broad website. Our strategy for those businesses finding themselves in this situation has been to develop smaller, targeted sites with their own URL but the same branding.


These are smaller, with more specialist information relating to the geographical location or specific service they are targeting—basically, a standalone landing page for some part of the business that the company wishes to highlight or separate. The URL and headings on the page should match up with the keywords that are being targeted. And how are those keywords targeted? That brings us to the next part of this method…

Landing Page for Kapiti Physio

Google Ads & Focused Adwords campaigns


The pages outlined above aren’t necessarily designed to rank organically on their own, although if it’s a location or service with little competition, they may do. The intention for these pages is to use them as the landing page for a targeted Google Adwords campaign which will capture the searches of those people seeking exactly what it is the business has to offer—be that a specialised service, a specific product, or a common service or product in a particular location.   While clickbait is a loaded word, these pages are intended to hit all of the right words and phrases to indicate to a reader that they are in the right place, and to give them the best possible quality score. They also include calls to action at each fold-through—when coupled with a good Adwords campaign, these landing pages should be conversion machines.

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Pricing information

Landing Page Creation

$ 2,500

per landing pagePricing includes:

1 page created
Content written for page (off provided bulletpoints)
Up to 5 images provided

Google Ad Campaign

$ 250

per monthPrice Includes:

Creation of Google Ad Campaign
Monthly host and management of Google Ads
Monthly Reporting tool


At Media Giant we provide a total website redesign service, taking into account on-page and off-page technical aspects, site performance, aesthetic and branding design, and SEO performance to deliver an elegant and effective website experience.


Our team includes technical experts proficient in websites and SEO, copywriters and graphic designers. Ask us what we can do for your website. Send us an enquiry or call us.

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