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What do landing pages on your site have to do with a PPC campaign?

It’s all about conversion.

Custom Landing Pages

When an internet user clicks on your carefully crafted and targeted Google ad, product listing, or remarketing banner, they should immediately land on a page which answers any questions they have and provides exactly what they are looking for. 

Your bounce rate, which measures how many people visit your site and leave without venturing any further, is a hugely important metric. For ecommerce sites, bounce rates commonly sit at around 20-45%. Reducing the rate of bounce goes a long way towards increasing revenue and raising the ROI on your ad spend.

Custom landing pages for specific ad campaigns smooth the way for customers to progress from click to purchase. It may be that the ideal landing page already exists on your site—if so, great! If not, don’t just send people to the home page where they will have to continue searching for what they need. Pair your carefully targeted PPC ads with a specifically tailored landing page which will capture their interest and give them what they need to take the action you’re looking for.

Match Searches To The Landing Page

Reduce bounce rates with better targeted landing pages.

Say, for example, you are targeting Google ads to people searching for NZ-made belly button rings.

Someone clicks your link and lands on your main page which lists all the NZ-made jewellery and accessories you have available. They may leave and follow another link rather than expend the effort to scour your site for what they want. Instead, you want the ad to direct them to a page that’s all about showcasing your range of belly button rings.

If you can match your landing page to their search query, your chances of furthering the interaction to a sale (or the desired action) is much higher.

We believe that custom landing pages are an integral and often overlooked part of a successful PPC campaign. We recommend them to most clients, and can help to create a sales-focused page with relevant content to capture the attention of any searcher.

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