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Account Setup and Management

Google Shopping

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As people, we tend to be indecisive. We also live in a world with an overwhelming number of options, particularly when it comes to making purchasing decisions.


With the internet offering so many possibilities, it can be difficult for a buyer to find and commit to just one. For that reason, it’s ideal to be able to follow up on potential purchasers and remind them of your offering.

Remarketing ads do just that. Imagine this: an internet surfer is looking for the perfect welcome rug for their front door, and is having trouble deciding on one. During their search, they visit your site and check out the snazzy rugs you have on offer. Later, having been overwhelmed with options and temporarily given up the hunt, they see a graphic banner ad reminding them of the specific rugs they saw on your site. This time, with a clearer head, they are convinced.

Reinforce Brand Awareness

Remarketing increases conversions and brand awareness.

Essentially, remarketing is the practice of targeting ads to users who have already visited a site.

They are displayed while browsing other sites, in the form of banner ads which can incorporate images, graphics, text, video, and rich media. Remarketing ads are another form of pay-per-click advertising, and can be hyper-targeted not to specific search terms but to users who have visited or purchased from your site before. 

Remarketing ads often work well when a special offer such as free shipping is added to push those contemplating a purchase over the final hurdle. In addition, they boost brand recognition by reminding customers and potential customers of your brand and your offering as they surf the web.

If you are interested in using remarketing as part of your PPC strategy, chat to the Media Giant team. We can help you to create attractive and effective banner ads and manage a campaign that turns potential customers into solid sales.

Google Shopping

Supercharge your sales

If you are looking to boost your sales numbers with tried-and-true SEO methods, get in touch with the Media Giant team. We would love to use our experience and skills to help you get more leads for your business.

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