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There are many reasons why optimising for search should be an important for ecommerce businesses, one of the key reasons: when all of your transactions happen online, wouldn’t you want as much traffic as possible?


A recent report by Wolfgang Digital showed that organic or paid search generates more than 60% of traffic to ecommerce websites and a similar percentage of overall revenue. SEO is vital to ecommerce businesses, it’s clear—but how to best go about optimising your ecommerce website can be a little more murky.


There are many different ways to increase a website’s clout with Google and other search engines, and it can require experience and expertise to know when and how to apply each one according to the unique characteristics of your business.


As more and more retail moves online, the market is becoming increasingly competitive. Getting on top of your SEO and being ranked highly for relevant keywords will offer a huge boost to your business.


Think that all of your customers come from social media and word of mouth? Some but few by comparison to those that could be delivered via Google with good SEO. 

Sales can come from many places, one of the most common is through Google and other Search Engines

 Make sure your listing shows up before they buy from someone else.

We aren’t talking about random traffic here, either. If you can rank for the right keywords, you’ll be getting your site in front of people who are searching for precisely the product or service you’re selling.

Link building is a major building block in good ecommerce SEO strategy. Gaining links from around the web builds trust, boosting the status of your online store and making it ever more appealing to those enigmatic search algorithms.


Let’s face it: whatever it is you’re selling online, you’re likely not the only one. If you are, you may not be unique for too much longer! As an ecommerce business, you are in competition for clicks and custom, and solid SEO will put you ahead.


Media Giant can help with technical and on-page SEO, keyword research, content marketing, link building, and all other aspects of ecommerce SEO. We are experienced in applying and adapting strategies to a range of businesses and would love to guide you to a new level of traffic.


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If you are looking to boost your sales numbers with tried-and-true SEO methods, get in touch with the Media Giant team. We would love to use our experience and skills to help you get more leads for your business.

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