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Wellington SEO - Website Audit

Website Audit

SEO Audit

Tune your website with a search engine audit

SEO Backlinks

Citations Building

15 Backlinks

Raise your search rank with monthly citations

SEO Backlinks

Citation Building

30 Backlinks

Raise your domain rating FAST with monthly citations

Use SEO to Generate Sales Leads

A successful salesperson is a wasted resource without good lead generation.

SEO Drive Traffic

Increasing the visibility of your website, means more brand awareness, better leads, and greater revenue.

Lead generation is one of the most pressing and difficult tasks for any business owner, and getting your website seen in more searches is a huge step in the right direction.


SEO in this digital age it is fast becoming a crucial part of a wider marketing approach, that successful business owners are adopting.


Whether your business is service based or ecommerce, optimising for search, helps optimise your customers experience.


Google rewards those websites that best answer your customer queries.

Who are your customers?

Put yourself in your customers shoes with proven data direct from Google. Don’t guess the language, prove the language with SEO.

SEO drives traffic and potential leads to your website and further along the funnel by increasing awareness of your brand.

If someone is considering your product or service and your website appears on many page one search results , then your credibility with them will increase dramatically. Stand out in the crowd as an industry leader. Be seen and build more market share.


Media Giant can help you build your businesses online credibility, by combining strategies that include targeted keyword research and high-performing content, local SEO link building, website audits and regular blogging that speaks to target audiences, in their language.

Funnel Marketing

Supercharge Your Sales

If you are looking to boost your sales numbers, get in touch with Media Giant. We would love to use our experience and skills to help you get more leads for your business.

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