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Social media is far more than just news feeds from sites like Facebook and Instagram.

With hundreds of social media platforms available, where do you start?

We focus on the core platforms, mostly using LinkedIn and Facebook. However that being said, we will utilise the social media platforms that yield the best results for each individual client. Instagram for example, is useful for someone trying to promote a product or build a following. It’s typically a realm for younger people and those building personal brands, so as with all social media platforms, Instagram will have a place for certain clients.
To succeed in the digital realm, it’s vital to know which platforms are relevant to your particular business and how to promote your business to the right markets.

No business should limit itself to a strategy of a few posts a week.
Social media can be used extensively, in different ways.

Great Platforms for Business


Custom audiences‘ will reach out to past or present customers of your business, while ‘lookalike audiences‘ will target potential new customers based on a set of variables, like geographic location, age or even interest group.


Using different sets of preferences, your audience and social media following steadily grows, along with an increased number of quality leads.


Another great remarketing tool Facebook offers is ‘Facebook pixel‘. With Facebook pixel, you can follow those who have shown an interest in your website but didn’t convert the first time around. This is another effective method Facebook offers to convert interested potential customers and generate new sales.


Wherever they travel on the digital highway, interested potential customers will continue to receive subtle reminders of your business and services.


LinkedIn is the premium business to business platform. We call it a “pay to play” platform because it’s harder to get organic followers. Also, to penetrate LinkedIn you need to use their ads module which is expensive compared to other platforms like Facebook.
LinkedIn does however offer the ability to get in front of the decision-maker and offers more granular control around who within a business you are trying to target, e.g. targeting by job title, length of service, qualifications and more.
digital marketing using social media

Digital marketing with social media

Our digital marketing strategies heavily utilise social bookmarking to help increase your organic SEO. Bookmarking sites include a range of platforms including Reddit, Medium, Blog2Lovin and more. We use these platforms as part of the overall marketing strategy to improve search results and reach for our clients online businesses.

These are just some of the many methods we use to target customers and generate new leads for your business using the power of social media.

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