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Not being seen on Facebook?

While a business Facebook page is definitely a must-have for any business, it’s no secret that Facebook has been steadily downplaying business posts to the point where they can be practically invisible to your market. So what do you do?

Facebook Ads is the Answer

Cut through personal feeds and get your business seen

Pay less for more

Advertising has traditionally been hugely expensive. Not with Facebook Ads. You can reach thousands of people for fairly little, one-50th the price of a standard radio campaign.


The savings are phenomenal and the results are easily measurable.

Target the right people

Hit and miss mass advertising is yesterday’s news. Facebook Ads can be targeted to match your perfect audience by choosing their ages, interests, regions and more.


New audiences can be created based on your existing customer base and that’s just the start.

Be where they’re looking

Over two million Kiwis visit Facebook every single day. Every age group in represented here, from 13-65+. Facebook is so popular, Stuff reports it’s New Zealand’s second favourite leisure activity.


If your business isn’t advertising on Facebook, why not?

Facebook newsfeed

Social Media Advertising that Works

First there was TV. Then there was Google. Now there’s Facebook.


  • Get high quality leads; connect with people who are already interested
  • Pay a fraction of the cost of traditional forms of advertising
  • Be where your audience is
  • Get better returns

Facebook. Kiwis second most popular leisure activity.

Popular options


Facebook tracks online activity right across the globe using a feature called the Facebook Pixel. Using this data, it knows exactly which Facebook users are likely to be interested in your products or services. We take this information and create highly customised campaigns tailored to reach the right type of people you want to reach.

Customised campaigns for your business

Our Facebook Ads expert sets up and manages your dedicated campaign(s) for you, carefully tailored to reach your specific target market. We can help whether you’re working in the business to business markets or targeting consumers directly. With careful targeting, we will get your message directly in front of the decision-maker who is most relevant to your business.


Monthly reporting included

All of our Facebook Ad campaigns are reviewed and tweaked every month to ensure you’re getting the best return on your investment. You receive a detailed monthly report showing the results of how your campaigns are performing.

How does it work?

Here’s an example. We set up Facebook Ads for a Wellington-based IT company, to promote their phone service to other businesses. This particular campaign targeted a look-a-like audience of their current customer database across New Zealand.


The results

After only three days, this IT company gained four new customers. At an average cost of $6.37 for each new client, an average return of $50/month per client made this highly worthwhile. Would you like to see results like this for your business? Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch.


Ever been browsing the internet looking at different products or services only to find that soon after, when you’re back on Facebook, that same company is appearing in your Facebook feed?

This is a powerful Remarketing technique used to increase conversions on your website from prospective clients that didn’t convert the first time around.

Facebook Remarketing campaigns are cost-effective and very powerful. We recommend businesses run these around the clock 24/7.

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