Video Testimonials

Video is Highly Engaging

So engaging, that YouTube has over a billion users and one-third of people’s online activity is spent watching videos.

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YouTube sneaks past Facebook as the most popular social media network in New Zealand (beating out Facebook by 1%). But no matter where people are browsing, whether they’re on YouTube, Facebook or on your website, they’ll watch video.


Video has fantastic reach, particularly on Facebook. It is easy to share and the most shared content of all, offering great social media benefits to businesses.


But who’s got time for YouTube and creating engaging video?

You don’t have to be a YouTuber or the next Peter Jackson to reap the rewards.

Leverage the power of video with testimonials

video testimonials

Customer Testimonials Drive Purchasing Decisions


People buy from people and the latest research backs this up, stating 84% of people claim they trust consumer reviews as much as they would trust a friend’s recommendation.


Video testimonials from happy customers are leaps ahead of written testimonials. They are highly credible, engaging and genuine.


We can help you tell a story and create a personal connection with your viewers. Your success story is told first-hand, along with a behind-the-scenes glimpses so potential new customers can see what it would be like to engage with your business.


Video isn’t scary. It can be done very much in the background and work around you. We can make professional video testimonials for you with a lot less fuss than you probably think.


We can then help you deliver this video across social media channels to the right audiences.
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