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An effective website is more than just it’s looks. A website audit is a precursor to Web Design.

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Is your website in good shape?

Being mobile responsive is only one part of the comprehensive website audit we will take you through. Not sure what ‘mobile responsive’ means? We can explain that too.


Here at Media Giant, we’ve seen so many cowboys out there throwing around numbers confusing our fellow New Zealand SMEs! So we have created a comprehensive website audit to help our fellow business people see the forest for the trees.


What we do is have a good look through your website, peel back the sheets so to speak, and using plain English, we’ll walk you through what we’ve discovered, offering some recommendations to boost your website, help your Google ranking and increase your lead generation.

Nearly 8 in 10 customers would stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well on their device.

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  • These are the words you think people are searching for on Google to find you (e.g. An optometrist might want 'eye test'). Give us your pick of your top 10, or at least 5. We'll do some complimentary research and share some useful information with you to help you get found.