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Effective digital marketing puts your website front and centre

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Need a website? Not just any website, but a great website?

Web design is our specialty! Our skilled web designers are experienced and we’ve been helping Wellington businesses look great since 2004.

Our website packages start from $5,995 and we offer full digital marketing solutions. Need to look great? Need to be found? Call us. This is what we do.

At Media Giant, we provide a few core services that remove the complexity of SEO and digital marketing, and focus on what’s truly important in these areas.

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Offer your customers a great user experience

Today’s online users demand information quickly.

There is a growing expectation for the digital space to deliver exactly what we want, when we want it.


Website requirments have changed over the years. Simple things like adding e-commerce functions through to intergrations with CRMs for sales purposes. Our websites are all built in a way that addons can be added for extra functionality.

Talk to the team about your requirments and we can help you get underway today.

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Is your website looking like yesterday's news?

If your business has been around a while, your website is going to wind up looking dated.

You have to start somewhere, right?


Absolutely. Maybe when you started that first business, you decided on a simple, affordable website design?

Perhaps you had a friend or co-worker write your landing pages because they wanted to help out?

Or maybe your business has changed remarkably since those early days when the original site was built and it’s time to review your marketing message?


No matter what your story, there are huge benefits to reviewing an outdated site.


Refreshing older sites is our core game. We know what’s been working well and what needs to be improved when we dive into your current analytics. This coupled with a new design gives us the best ability to build a refreshed design that will really hit the mark with your customers.

Important considerations are not only the site design and look, but also the user experience and the quality of the content. These elements will all impact upon the success of your site – how often it appears in searches and how well your visitors engage with your website.

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It’s easy to let an outdated website hold back your business and a daunting menu of SEO options can add to the challenge and confusion.

Web design doesn’t need to be complicated, confusing, or costly. Speak to Media Giant today, and let us help take your business to a new level of customer discovery and engagement.

Is nobody finding your site?

It’s important to get all the elements working together.

There’s SEO, then there’s SEO

Perhaps you don’t know where to start or what to believe where your website SEO is concerned? Everyone seems to say something different on the subject and SEO can sound complex and baffling. It doesn’t need to be. We love what we do, and a significant part of that is in helping our clients find success with SEO strategies that work for their particular business.


A robust SEO strategy covers the basics as well as being customised to meet the needs of your particular business and customer focus.

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What’s it like to work with us?


When we design a website or write any content, we talk with you first to understand what you want to achieve with your business and we create a tailored strategy for you. Your expectations and goals are important to us.


We’ll help you to make your website the foundation of almost all other aspects of your digital marketing efforts. This means in the longer term you’ll have less reliance on things like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. With your website structured correctly and your digital marketing strategy in place and working for you, you’ll achieve longer lasting results.

At Media Giant we provide a total website redesign service, taking into account on-page and off-page technical aspects, site performance, aesthetic and branding design, and SEO performance to deliver an elegant and effective website experience.


Our team includes technical experts proficient in websites and SEO, copywriters and graphic designers. Ask us what we can do for your website. Send us an enquiry or call us.

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