Understanding Technical SEO: Keyword Research

Understanding Technical SEO: Keyword Research

Technical SEO is beautifully simple to understand, though given far too much mystique and technicality through words and terminology that seem familiar but are unused in our daily life.

How to make SEO less technical

The constants in marketing, SEO, and life – quality of communication, quality of information, quality of guidance – have very little connection with technical SEO. Technical SEO is rarely constant, and always requires change.

Flip-flopping of optimal meta description length is a clear example of this, and if you ask any technical expert why something is the way it is, they’ll often point to something another expert has said, which is often contradictory to what another expert has said at some point, and so on.

The sensible and realistic approach for any technical SEO specialist is to keep up to date with fluctuating trends, and recognise the constants that provide the foundation for everything else. In technical SEO, one of the few constants is ‘keyword research’.

Why is keyword research important for SEO?

Keyword research is, without question, one of the most important elements of any successful digital strategy. Keywords in SEO are the words, terms, or phrases recognised by search engines and used to collate pages of search results. In the sentence:

‘Which is the best place to find designer running shoes in Wellington?’

The keyword would be ‘designer running shoes Wellington’, and the query is framed to indicate location and review requests. The reason this is important is that the majority of us searching the Internet – and often through Google – don’t ask vague or broad questions unless we want a vague and broad answer.

Keyword research, in response to this, is a foundational SEO method used to understand your audience, your products and services, and the user search intent that marries the two together.

How to use keyword research in your New Zealand SEO strategy

Just as it’s wise to review the design elements or metadata on your website on a regular basis, it’s crucial to look at keyword research as an ongoing research project.

Attitudes, habits, aesthetics, technology, and countless other influencing factors, all change over time and at a remarkable pace on the Internet. Look at any major technological change as an example, and imagine investing all your energy into that specific niche long after it lost relevancy – people could be screaming at you that CDs are superior to cassette tapes, but all your available research – that is dated – says cassette tapes are more popular than ever.

Conducting keyword research, as mentioned above, is one of the vital foundations of any SEO strategy. However, like the foundation of a house, it requires care, expertise, patience, and maintenance. Learn to understand your customers, and you have the power to influence and create the trends that are yet to exist. Learn to understand only a small bubble of the world, and you’ll be stuck in it forever.

If you’d like to know more about technical SEO, how to create an effective digital marketing strategy, or just need assistance conducting keyword research and maximising its potential, contact us at Media Giant today.

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