Does Your Website Have This?

Does Your Website Have This?

More than 5 billion Google searches are performed each day, which means that search engine optimisation (SEO), or optimising your website to increase the quantity of quality traffic that comes to it, is a crucial aspect of interacting with your audience.

It’s simple to create and maintain your site for SEO if you understand what improves your ranking and what degrades it. Learn more about SEO in the sections below, and then utilise the checklist to incorporate SEO into your digital marketing plan.

Relevant Title Tags:

A title tag, also known as a page tag, serves as the “headline” for a page when it appears on search engine results pages (SERP). Your title tags should contain distinct and descriptive words or phrases. When combined with the meta description, a lengthier snippet in search results that speaks more about what your content offers, users are more likely to go through to your website. Title tags are also shown in the web browser tabs of your visitors and on social media when your content is shared.

Load Speeds:

Your pages should load preferably in less than 3 seconds. If they do, your search ranks will increase. Issues with your content management system (CMS), poorly written code, insufficient bandwidth to accommodate your traffic flow, or several huge graphics on a page can all slow down your load time.

Mobile Compatibility:

Because Google prioritises mobile websites, it is vital that your website is mobile-friendly. This entails offering a visually appealing and user-friendly experience regardless of the device used to access the site. Mobile sites must also load rapidly on a 3G connection, render effectively on any sized screen, have well-spaced site features that visitors can simply touch on to act, and have content that is totally accessible without scrolling left or right.

Clean Website:

Make sure your website is arranged in a way that allows people and search engines to easily navigate through it and discover what they’re searching for. Internal links within your site should include material that teaches your reader, answers a query about what you provide, or engages them in some other useful way. Internal links provide Google with more information about what your website is about, allowing it to direct relevant people your way.

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