Google Ads Tips For Small Businesses

Google Ads Tips For Small Businesses

Small businesses must stretch their advertising budgets further. Contrary to common assumption, small budgets may compete with big spenders in Google Ads if you know where to look.


Your keyword strategy is the key to optimising your advertising budget, and selecting the appropriate keywords may save you money. This doesn’t mean going for the cheapest phrase in your sector, however. A little pay-per-click (PPC) keyword analysis will reveal that a mix of high-cost, high-reward keywords and branded or low-cost phrases are the ideal way to proceed.

Local Service Ads:

Many small businesses provide a service. Fortunately, for many service entities, Google provides a specialist ad type that can improve the matching experience for both the advertiser and the searcher. Local Services Ads are simple to use since they are handled directly from your Google Business Profile, and you will only be paid for eligible leads. These advertisements are specially designed to reach clients in your service area—and Google also requires visitors to validate their location and the service they’re looking for before linking them to you—making them an excellent alternative for gaining more attention from relevant local markets.


Geotargeting is a prominent subject in local PPC. While it is crucial to adjust your keywords and ad text to your local market, geotargeting is what ties your local approach together. When you use geotargeting, you can choose where your advertising will appear geographically. Limiting your advertising to audiences in certain geography will allow you to maximise both your budget and your impression share in that area.


Small business owners are often preoccupied with the bottom line. While there are several PPC indicators that may inform you how successfully you’re using your ad budget, one measure is often disregarded. If you want to raise local awareness, your impression shared in the local market is important. Use Google Trends to uncover popular searches in your local neighbourhood and target keywords linked with those searchers using Google Ads.

Call To Actions:

This may seem obvious, but a call to action may make or break your ad’s potential to generate leads. Your ad copy should pre-qualify your audience. When your advertising is clear about the action your users should take, they will know if they want to click and convert. The last thing you want is to spend for a click from someone who is confused and then leaves your landing page rather than converting. So, constantly double-check that your call to action is deadly by using clear and engaging wording.

If you’re feeling intimidated looking at Google Ads and not sure how to compete against the big names, get in touch with us! Here at Media Giant, we specialise in setting up and managing your google ads campaigns. We make the most of your budget by targeting people who are especially looking for products and services like yours.

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