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Our website audits provide a great way to start your search engine optimisation journey.

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Our Auditing Service

We provide easily understood findings in plain English, giving relevant conclusions and recommendations to our clients. We strive to help you create a website that’s visible, has increased traffic, stronger leads and a strong reputation in the eyes of Google.

We identify problems and give personal solutions
Media Giant identifies any broken links, measures your website’s loading speed, finds duplicate content, assesses the strength of your content, recommends keywords and offers advice about how you can improve the SEO of your website. We give personalised advice and recommendations, and through our professional expertise, we are able to point out things that other DIY website audit tools won’t.
We can help with your SEO
If you would like to optimise your website for the search engine after getting an audit from our team, we are able to implement our findings with our website design, SEO and content team. We help you create websites that are user friendly and will increase the traffic and leads that our customers get.
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