When Should I Get A Website Audit For My Business?

When Should I Get A Website Audit For My Business?

If you’re thinking that your current business website looks or feels a little tired, or if you’ve noticed a sudden drop in your visitors and want to improve conversions for your business, a website audit is a simple and cost-effective way of understanding your website and target market.


A website audit looks at the elements of your landing pages geared toward helping customers find your business online. It can also be used to analyse the website as a whole, identify any areas that are lacking – such as missing pages, incomplete or ineffective content – and provides a framework and guide to retune the SEO on your website without tearing it all down.


Today, we’ll look at two key times you should consider a website audit, and how you and your business can benefit as a result.


Using a website audit to attract more visitors and increase conversions


Probably the most common reason for conducting a website audit is due to a sudden drop in website traffic, which is often tied with a decrease in conversions or sales for your business.


The best reason for suggesting a website audit before committing to changing anything on your website is to understand the ‘why’ behind a drop in traffic and sales. Sometimes, parts of your site may be operating as normal – or, in fact, improving – but due to either a clunky sitemap or one section of your site only appearing in search results, the conversion potential for visitors is increasingly limited.


By conducting a comprehensive website audit, an individual with extensive SEO knowledge can make recommendations on which parts of your site require a little tidying up. This could be as simple as refocusing your keywords to better reflect a changing customer base, or improving the SEO elements on your landing pages to promote each of your webpages to the same level in search results.



Website audits when rebranding your business and website


A proactive reason for performing a website audit is to reflect a change in your business or company branding. When we look at a website as a whole, we examine the quality of the content on each page, and ensure that it matches the aesthetic, values, and branding of the business itself.


A website audit is incredibly valuable if your business is adding or removing products or services, and will inform you of the best way to optimise a web page to ensure each other performs as it should. Every page on your site should be unique, competing with other websites instead of with your own.


Adding a new service that is similar but a slight variation on an existing one can quickly lead to keyword or content conflict. At worst, this conflicting, new page may outperform the existing page, leading to a false-positive type of traffic reading that pushes your business in the wrong direction and causes you to consider abandoning the historic product or service altogether.



Media Giant offers a complete website audit and rebuild package


While the information you gain from a website audit provides an understanding of how your pages are performing, the next step is knowing how to approach any changes for the optimal result.


At Media Giant, our team are experienced across a range of SEO services, and can recommend necessary technical updates to your metadata and keywords. Our content team can also provide recommendations around site content, using their skills with language to turn your company message and the belief in your product into approachable, welcoming web copy.


If you’re interested in revising or updating your website, a comprehensive audit is a crucial first step. Talk to the team at Media Giant today to find out more, including how we can help write and edit your landing pages to deliver the message you want to the entire of New Zealand and around the world.

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