What Are The Best Social Media Platforms?

What Are The Best Social Media Platforms?

Social Media Marketing is used to reach potential and existing customers across a number of different social platforms. Each social platform is somewhat unique, but the user approach to each platform is most important to focus on in digital marketing.



Which is the best social media platform in 2019?


The best social media platform is an entirely subjective opinion, and only relevant to your business and marketing strategy. For example, Facebook is undeniably the most pervasive and populated social platform, but does so with an incredible diversity in opinion and demographic. LinkedIn may be a smaller social platform, but the majority of users on their have a clear purpose and direction.


We go on Facebook to share our lives, and we go on LinkedIn to look for jobs and extend our professional networks. At one time, Facebook was very much touted as just this: social networking. But our society and social media have evolved, changed, and demand the same from the marketing world if it wishes to remain relevant.



Which social media platform should I promote my business on?


It’s tough deciding on just one, and it feels unnecessary to choose every platform – so how can you decide which social media platforms to embrace and which to ignore? We’ll look further at Facebook and LinkedIn below to illustrate their differences.


FacebookBillions of users worldwide, Facebook is one of the most-viewed and active websites on the Internet, let alone in all social media. Facebook marketing often provides the greatest potential customer base at the highest rate of competition – in this way Facebook is very reflective of the Internet as a whole.


However, just as you can make a brilliant, SEO-friendly website succeed online, Facebook marketing can bring tremendous success. Just be aware that research, planning, and strategy are more crucial here than just a strong message.


LinkedIn – If Facebook is the highschool of the Internet, then LinkedIn is certainly the university. Both in transparency of how the platform works through ‘connections’, and the refined sense of self-promotion, LinkedIn is fast becoming the primary social network for many young professionals, who are searching for something more substantial from their social media platform than viral videos and selfies.


The main issue with choosing the best social media platform is that there rarely is one, constant answer. The best platform this month may change in the near future, and a good digital strategy is aware of that. Deciding which social media platform is best for you isn’t just about understanding the potential of each – it’s also about understanding the intent of the people who use them, what they’re looking for, and how you can help them find it.


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