Maximising Your Reach With Short Form Video: How To Create Viral Content

Maximising Your Reach With Short Form Video: How To Create Viral Content

Many digital marketers dream of creating viral content. Going viral can help you expand your reach, engagement, and even sales. Because of its visual and shareable nature, short form video content, in particular, has the potential to go viral. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the key elements of short form video content that go viral, as well as tips for creating content that’s shareable and appealing to a wide audience.


One of the most effective ways to make your video content go viral is through humour. Humor can capture your audience’s attention and make your content memorable, whether it’s a witty joke, a funny skit, or a clever parody. To inject humour into your short form video content, consider using puns, irony, or pop culture references.


Emotional content has the ability to deeply connect with viewers and inspire them to share the content with others. Short form video content that elicits strong emotions, such as joy, sadness, or surprise, has a higher chance of going viral. To make an emotional impact, consider using heartwarming stories, inspiring messages, or shocking statistics.


Short-form video content that appeals to a broad audience is more likely to be shared. People are more likely to share content that speaks to them and mirrors their own experiences. To create a sense of familiarity and connection with your audience, consider using everyday situations, common problems, or relatable characters.

Popular Topics and Hashtags

Using trending topics and hashtags to increase the visibility of your short form video content is a great way to do so. Following current trends and using popular hashtags can help your content be discovered by a larger audience. Consider using hashtags related to your brand or product, as well as participating in trending challenges or events.

Distribution and timing

The timing and distribution of your short form video content can also have an impact on its viral potential. Consider releasing your content during peak hours on social media for your target audience. Increase the reach of your content by combining paid and organic distribution. Consider collaborating with influencers or other brands to broaden your audience and engagement.

Successful Short Form Video Content Examples

Viral Challenges

TikTok challenges are an excellent example of viral short-form video content. These challenges, which frequently involve dancing or lip-syncing to popular songs, are extremely shareable. Brands can participate in TikTok challenges to increase their audience reach and engagement.

Animated Shorts

Animated shorts are an effective way to visually communicate a message or tell a story. Because of their creativity and visual appeal, these short form videos have the potential to go viral. Animated shorts can help brands showcase their products or services in a unique and memorable way.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content is highly shareable and can aid in the development of a brand’s sense of community. Short-form video content, such as user-generated videos or TikTok duets, can be especially effective at increasing engagement and spreading virally.

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