How to get the most out of your blogs for SEO

How to get the most out of your blogs for SEO

The Importance of Blogging for SEO

Regular blog writing with consistent and interesting fresh content can have significant benefits for your business’ ranking on Google. This type of content offers an opportunity to keep your website updated and relevant and helps you directly answer a user’s question that they may search up on Google. We come across many businesses that are still unsure about the usefulness of blogs despite the benefits they offer. Many believe they don’t have the time, the talent and the proper knowledge to start up a blog page. Let us answer all your questions and explain how you can get the most out of your blogs for SEO!

Choose unique and relevant content

Blogging is only worth it if you include quality content relevant to your business and what’s happening around you. You might be struggling to come up with topics that will be of interest to your clients and users. A great place to start is to think about the questions that your customers ask you when making a purchase with your business or what they would like to know about your services. If you directly answer these questions with blog content, you will provide unique content to your customers that the search engine will also recognise. A blog post might even be a page that ranks so well on Google that it gains you customers, who might not have come across your website otherwise!

We suggest you create a content calendar to have a plan about the topics you will explore in the next few months, as this will make writing the blogs quicker and easier!

Include keywords wherever you can

All blogs that you write should be relevant to your business, industry and your webpages. This will let you establish target keywords for each of the written content that you can then link to related services or products pages on your website. We recommend including a keyword in the first paragraph and scattering others around the body of the content. Ensure that you don’t include too many keywords, as Google can penalise your page if you overdo them. A great way to determine if they are needed is that you ask yourself if they are helpful for the user.

Length and frequency

Writing blogs frequently will provide you with great benefits. We recommend writing at least one blog a month, but if you have the time and energy, the more you post, the better. Writing a blog a week can significantly improve your ranking on the search engine and keep your website fresh and updated. High-quality and engaging content is always worth adding to your web pages, and it’s a great way to build internal links.

The length of the blog mainly depends on the topic and the depth you are exploring it. We suggest you write at least 500 words, as the search engine prefers longer pieces. Also, consider the amount of time it might take readers to get through the blog and how much they want to spend on learning about a specific topic. Try finding the ideal balance between writing for the search engine and for your customers.

Optimisation on the blog page

To get the most out of your blog for SEO, you should also pay attention to the on-page aspects. Include H1 and H2 headings in every blog you write and make sure they align with the content that you write about. Search engines look at headings to categorise specific web pages and show them as results when someone searches for a particular question. Breaking up the content through H2 headings helps your readers navigate through the blog and make it easier to read. We also recommend uploading an image with the blog, making the page more visually appealing and breaking the text up further. Make sure you add an alt text to describe the image, as Google prefers all visual aspects to be accurately described!

Blogs with Media Giant

Blog writing is an essential part of SEO for any business’ website. They give you excellent opportunities to rank well on Google and increase customers and visitors to your website. If you don’t have the time and capacity to write blogs for your business, you can outsource them to an SEO company. At Media Giant, we have an in-house copywriter who can write blogs on your behalf. Get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about blog writing and how we can help you!

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