Foundational SEO: What it means to start from the website build

Foundational SEO: What it means to start from the website build

So you are ready to launch a new website for your business to improve your visibility online and are wondering where to start? Having a search engine optimised website could make the difference between getting the traffic you want or remaining unseen on the internet. This means it is crucial that you implement a strong SEO foundation from day one of your website build. Media Giant prioritises foundational SEO above all when designing a new website. Here is how you can build a search engine optimised website right from the website build to maximise your visibility and traffic online!

Create a mobile-friendly website

Nowadays, more and more people access websites from their cell phones when they are in a rush or out and about. They are looking for pages that are designed for the smaller screens and give them answers to their questions clearly and efficiently. However, a mobile-friendly website is not only important for the end-user. It is also crucial for your website’s SEO. Google indexes mobile versions of your websites before crawling desktop versions, meaning that these are more important for your ranking.

Whenever you are building a new website, make sure all elements work just as well on mobile as on the desktop version to maximise your ranking on Google.

Make your website as fast as possible

People today are used to accessing websites in a matter of few seconds, and many will leave your page even before it loads if it doesn’t come up quickly enough. It can also impact your user engagement and increase your bounce rate, which in turn can negatively affect your ranking on Google. A few steps you can take towards increasing your website speed include using browser cache whenever you update your webpages, compressing all images and using a hosting service that ensures your website loads fast at all times. This service also ensures that your website is secure and eliminates the threat of hackers and spam emails coming in on your contact forms.

Plan for content

Quality content on your web pages not only answers the questions of your customers and provides them with information about your company. It also makes your business credible in the eyes of the search engine. It’s important to launch your website with plenty of content from the get-go that explains your services, who you are and what sets you apart from others in the same industry.

Creating a blog section on your new website and launching with at least 2 or 3 pieces is also an essential part of foundational SEO. This content is often educational, and we have seen businesses gain most of their traffic from customers finding the answer to their questions on a blog site. Regularly publishing articles also ensures that your website periodically gets new content that shows the search engine that it is fresh and updated.

Build a website with on-page SEO

When you design your website, make sure you implement meta titles, descriptions and headings from the ground up. These on-page settings are the foundation of all SEO, and if you don’t implement it from the beginning, it can be a lengthy and time-consuming process later. The pieces are essential in letting Google know what your pages are about and that they answer users’ questions. Make sure you include specific keywords in your heading, including your business name and the industry that you are in, to rank on Google for the accurate search terms.

Using short and specific URLs, internal links and keywords in all your content will make your page stand out from your competitors and optimise your search engine ranking.

Use a sitemap

Before beginning the production of your website, think about the specific pages you would like to include and how they will work together. Sitemaps will help you create a plan for your website and come up with pages that describe your services and credibility in your industry. Having specific content and separate pages explaining all parts of your business is an excellent way to make Google choke on your content and increase your SEO. Putting together the content before you begin the website design will save you a significant amount of time in the long run and prepare you for successful performance on the search engine.

Let Media Giant help you

Get in touch with Media Giant today if you need help with your website design and SEO. Our team can do all the settings mentioned above on your behalf and maximise your visibility online. The Media Giant way ensures that you get organic traffic right from the beginning of your website launch and get more engagement from your visitors!

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