The Need for Speed Why Fast Websites Are Crucial in 2022

The Need for Speed – Why Fast Websites Are Crucial in 2022

Nobody likes slow websites. That’s the plain truth. You don’t have to be a digital marketer to understand this. As a user, you wouldn’t like a website that takes too long to load, doesn’t function effectively, or isn’t optimised for your mobile or other devices. To deliver enhanced online experiences, what you need are fast websites.

Since most online experiences are relative, consumers can easily find a competitor who can deliver seamless online user journeys. That’s why you should invest in improving the speed of your website. But that’s not the only reason.


Fast websites deliver enhanced user experiences

Well begun is half done. If your pages load fast, your users are more likely to stick around and explore your website. If not, they might soon exit. So, with a fast website, you’ll be increasing your conversion and your sales.

But what is a fast website? If it takes under 1.7 seconds for your website to load, you’re faster than 75 % of the sites out there. If it takes five seconds, then your site is slower than 75 % of websites.

As Amazon found out, you’ll get a one percent revenue increase for every 100 milliseconds of faster load time. Google announced earlier this year that Page Experience signals will be crucial in ranking.


Fast websites are good for SEO

It’s not just your customers, but search engines also love fast websites. Google had made page speed an indexing and ranking factor in 2018. This ensured that mobile versions of websites also had to load faster.

There’s another way in which speed affects ranking. Fast websites will have reduced bounce rates and increased dwell times. This signals better user journeys, which search engines, especially Google, love.


How to make your website load faster on mobiles

It’s clear that the load time on mobiles is a crucial factor for user experiences and search engine rankings. To improve your website’s load time, first, you have to figure out its existing speed through the Google Landing Page tool. The mobile-friendly test will reveal your site’s load time.

Next, you can take a series of actions to make a demonstrable difference to make your website load faster and deliver greater user engagement. For this, you would need the services of an SEO expert since they would have advanced tools and domain expertise to both improve your website’s speed and create enhanced experiences.

There are certain things that you can do at your end. These include uploading compressed images instead of the high-resolution versions and having minimum redirects. You should also ensure that you have a clutter-free design without too many elements, especially on your landing page. You should also invest in mobile SEO and turn on browser caching.


In short

Fast websites will be more important in the coming year. With increasing competition, a fast website can be a crucial competitive advantage that will help you attract and convert visitors.

At Media Giant, we are able to maximise the speed of your websites while optimising their content, pages, images, meta descriptions and links for the search engine. Get in touch with us today if you are looking for a way to increase your online presence and get more visitors and customers on your website!

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