Marketing Options: Direct versus Indirect

Marketing Options: Direct versus Indirect

Whether your goal is to create a reputable brand and business, or to make money through your unique products and services, marketing is crucial to help customers discover and engage with your business.

However, according to collated data by U.S. company, Blue Corona, the majority of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are at a crossroads in how best to apply their resources effectively.

According to the data, 96 per cent of SMBs say they use social media in their marketing strategy, while only 61 per cent of small businesses invest in social media marketing, 17 per cent are investing in search engine optimisation (SEO) and 26 per cent are investing in email marketing.

Today, we’ll look at direct and indirect marketing, the benefits of both, and how you can decide which is best for marketing your business to customers.


Direct marketing options for NZ businesses

The primary difference between direct and indirect marketing is how you connect with customers.

While indirect marketing strategies are used to help people find your business online through search, direct marketing works by reaching out to potential customers with a specific message in mind. This can include:

The success of your direct marketing will be relative to how well you know your customer base, and not all direct marketing strategies will be suitable for a specific campaign. For example, while Facebook Direct Marketing can promote a part of your business in a semi-organically manner, cold-calling with the same offer or message may not receive the desired response.

Choosing the most suitable method of direct marketing for both your business and the message you wish to convey is just as important as knowing your customers. Customer data and analytics will help in this regard, to both create a picture of your customer demographics, and to refine your direct marketing strategy accordingly.


Why choose indirect marketing strategies?

Indirect marketing helps people find your business online through search, however its importance is also directly linked to your direct marketing strategy. In the same report on SMB marketing, Blue Corona indicate that up to 80 per cent of people research a company online before visiting the small business or making a purchase with them.

This is important for a few reasons:

Firstly, SEO and indirect marketing will help increase your organic presence online and, as a result, customers wanting to search as a result of your direct marketing will be able to easily find your business website.

Secondly, the website your customers find will be optimised in a way that answers their questions and encourages them to engage further with your business.

Lastly, the continued effort put into your indirect marketing strategy will provide potential customers with a good reason to continue engaging with your business – a regular blog is likely to attract interested readers, an active social media page can help your customers follow your business without having to visit your website each time, and the continued traffic from an increasing customer base will only further cement your position as a leader online.


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