Content Marketing Planning: How to do it for SEO?

Content Marketing Planning: How to do it for SEO?

Plan your content marketing and improve your SEO

Content marketing might seem like a complicated strategy to execute if you aren’t confident in writing or creating content. However, it can do wonders for your SEO and Google ranking while being low-cost and highly effective if you utilise it correctly. To achieve this, you will need to create a well-designed content marketing plan that aligns with your audience and business. Media Giant is here to explain how you can do an ideal content marketing plan for your website and unlock your potential on the web.

Why is it essential to plan your content marketing?

Some website owners might believe that they don’t have the time, talent and money to do content marketing for their SEO. However, a clean and well-executed content marketing plan will highlight some or many types of content that you can utilise for your own website.

Having up to date, regular and fresh content on your website will help you rank higher on Google, as the algorithm loves content. However, it is not enough to write a few blogs here and there. It is essential that these appeal to your audience and logically build on each other. For example, if you are looking to get more work in a specific area of your business, it’s worth writing a series of blogs on the topic and share the link on social media and your email campaigns (EDM).

Here is where the content marketing plan comes in, where you can explore some of the gaps that your website might be missing, what your audience is interested in and where you want to take your business.

Research and keywords

The first step for your plan is to utilise an analysis or reporting tool that will give you all the data about what pages are the most popular, how much time people spend on your site and what keywords or phrases they use to search your services or products. In your blogs, press releases and website content, you will then need to include these keywords to let Google know that your website answers the questions that several people are looking for.

Research what your competitors are talking about. Talk to friends and family and find out what they want to know about more. Create a content marketing plan with specific keywords, topics and your research in mind to ensure you include all the necessary information that both Google and your audience will like.

Get to know your audience

Most business owners will have a basic idea about how old their customers are, what they want to know about and why they specifically come to visit their website. However, it is often necessary to explore their demographics deeper. Using an analytics tool to look at your customers and potential audience will help you write correctly about topics that they are interested in.

When creating your content marketing calendar, ensure you have your target demographics in mind. Writing for 20-year-olds who don’t know much about your services or industry is very different from writing for an older demographic with a solid understanding of what you do.

How to write up your content marketing plan?

If you have done your research about your keywords and audience, you are now ready to put together your content marketing plan. Think about for how long you want to create it for. We suggest 3 to 6-month plans, as they will give you a thorough foundation, and you won’t need to spend more time researching topics. Include your keywords, some hot issues, seasonal news and topics that target your audience.

You should write the title, a short summary and meta titles and descriptions for your blogs to ensure that you remember exactly what you want your content to be about. Write a press release topic for each month about something seasonal and topical; however, keep your eyes on the news as there might be something new coming up that could help with your SEO.

Once you have refined your content marketing plan, you are ready to start writing!

Media Giant is here to help

Using content marketing on your website is an excellent way to get your audience’s attention while improving your SEO. However, we understand that some might not have the time or the creativity to create a content marketing plan and produce their collateral. At Media Giant, we can create a six-month-long content marketing plan for you, with various topics for blogs and other types of content for your website. We also have an in-house content writer who can write blogs, website copy and press releases on your behalf, taking all the pressure and time off your hands.

So, if you want help from our creative content team, get in touch with Media Giant today, and we will be happy to discuss a plan with you!

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