Why your business needs EDM in 2018

Why your business needs EDM in 2018

It’s the goal of every business to stand out from the crowd and provide customers with a product or service they believe in. However, the way people both receive and decide to act on information changes, and Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) marketing bridges the gap between direct, face-to-face contact and customer discovery.


A newsletter can serve a number of functions, but its primary purpose is to inform customers and encourage them to engage with your business, while collecting usable data on the success of your marketing.


Refine your marketing and know your customers


Just as website analytics provides a snapshot of customer behaviour, email marketing provides usable data through mass email communication. This is greatly beneficial for a company or campaign of any size; a smaller budget is required to fine-tune your marketing approach, while a greater spend will yield increasingly high results. This is why larger companies and organisations – such as universities seeking potential students – are adopting email marketing to understand a large and diverse customer base.


There are a number of valuable metrics that work alongside EDM, primarily the number of recipients who opened the email, and the action they took following it – such as clicking on a link or banner. In the case of larger campaigns with multiple call-to-action elements, this information gives designers, writers, and strategists greater information to refine delivery and advertising.


Personalisation and cost reduction


Another growing aspect of marketing is personalisation. A number of surveys can indicate personalised email messages improve click-through rates and conversions by a conservative average of 10 percent. Using e-marketing to engage with your audience allows you to create personalised email campaigns without breaking the bank. It also allows businesses with niche or unique services to compete with industry giants.


Email marketing can include the recipient’s name, a local branch or their nearest store, localised news, information and offers and customised products or services they might be interested in based on information stored in your user database. This is all designed to create a personalised, individual experience which was once only possible in person. The result of this is a similar increase in the likelihood of sales, click-throughs, and conversions.


Build your reputation with quality content


Email marketing is undoubtedly a success in reaching customers, and works best when coupled with high-quality content. The content you use in your marketing campaigns and EDM needs to not just engage with customers, but earn their trust, offer them useful information, and have clear conversion directions.


As email continues to compete with organic search and paid search, the adoption of email marketing will only increase. It provides a cost-effective way of understanding your customers and testing a range of personalised campaigns and business strategies, with far greater flexibility in content than webpage content strategy. By combining regularly updated blog content, you can create informative, engaging campaigns customers will be excited to receive.


Plan your first EDM campaign today


Media Giant is the home of direct marketing, offering a better way to share your information and products with the world. We see the benefit of personalised experiences and information, and how email marketing is a cost-effective solution for delivering both.


Drop us a line today to learn more about direct marketing, and what we at Media Giant can help your business achieve.

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