Web design, quality content, and SEO in 2019

Web design, quality content, and SEO in 2019

Digital marketing is here to stay, so how can a beginner get started in a world full of tools, strategies, and equally competitive businesses? Understanding how SEO works is the first step to using SEO effectively, and the easiest way to avoid making mistakes in your digital strategy.


Below we’ll take a look at some SEO basics, and discuss the importance of good web design and quality content in relation to SEO rankings.


Isn’t SEO just keywords?


At one time, absolutely. Unfortunately, the method of spamming your website background with 1,000+ keywords in white text is not only redundant, but can now lead to negative rankings and results. Using this as an example of what not to do, it’s easier to get a sense of what SEO is designed to achieve.


SEO primarily works by isolating keywords in search queries, and matching these against relevant pages on a website. The matching specificity of the search term with a page will result in a higher ranking – ie. niche, industry-specific products and services will receive high rankings for equally niche and specific searches.


The main hurdle faced by a business will be matching up the keywords they would like to rank for with the keywords customers are using to find their page organically.


Is web design more important than content?


Web design in the context of SEO is a strategic process more than a simple graphical redesign and overhaul. SEO web design analyses every aspect of your website and optimises it for the greatest search and user experience.


For example, did you know that:


  • The name of your banner images affect SEO rankings?
  • An image carousel at the top of the page can produce poor SEO results?
  • If a website takes longer than a few seconds to load, customers will leave?
  • Poor navigation and confusing information pathways are a common irritation to customers?

These are just a few elements of SEO web design that – understandably – businesses often don’t take into account during the initial design phase or when building a content strategy.


The quality of website content is ranked using Google E.A.T (Expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness). Essentially, this translates to knowing your business and product, speaking with confidence, and speaking clearly and delivering all necessary information. The glue to all those factors is consistency, both in the quality of content and the delivery of it as well. A common analogy is receiving a beautifully wrapped present to discover a cheaply made knock-off inside – web design should always be the gateway to successful customer experience.


Together, SEO, web design and content strategy provide a way to put your website and business in front of customers, and show them how passionate you are about what you do.


Which digital marketing strategy is right for me?


All of them! Of course, that’s an expected answer, but it’s also not too far from the truth. Which digital marketing strategy is right for you right now, however, might be a different story – each has its own purpose and best timing.


Web design is a fantastic place to start, where you can refine your current website, discover information and search habits about your customer base, and create a faster, leaner site that better engages with customers.


Content will always be relevant, whether it’s expanding your customer reach with a variety of blogs or supercharging your website with a well-researched keyword strategy.


EDM (electronic direct mail) is a way of further promoting your well-written blogs and your freshly designed website, that can be customised to provide a one-on-one marketing experience for your customers.


Media Giant puts you in front of customers


At Media Giant, we love what we do, and our customers do too. If you need advice on redesigning your website, rewriting landing pages for better search ranking, or creating unique, quality content for a unique EDM campaign, give our team a call.


We provide a range of digital services, and are always happy to talk about things in an easily understandable and approachable way. After all, SEO is designed to help businesses succeed online, and we’d like to be your guide in the digital world through 2019 and beyond.


Call one of our team today to see how we can help, on 04 555 0570.

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