Get Instand Leads with Google Ads

Google Ads is a cost-effective method of getting instant traffic to your website.

Google Ads are targeted to those in your market using keywords designed to drive leads.

Instant leads in your inbox daily with Google Ads

Website SEO takes time and costs a fair amount of money to get that coveted page one and position one ranking for your search terms. If you’re in the need of instant leads, Google Ads is often the answer. 

Google Ads allows you to target people searching for your product and send them to your website in order to convert into a sale. This paid system ensures your site shows up in search results regardless of your other search engine optimisation efforts.

A well crafted Google Ads campaign with a specially designed landing page can spark results instantly. At Media Giant, we provide both services to ensure your business is getting leads today.

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What you get with every Google Ads setup

When Media Giant sets up your Google AdWords account, we create it with the latest industry knowledge and best practices. We include optimised keywords to help you get the most out of your campaign.


Our service includes a monthly report with your full analytics data, including Google Ads spend, cost-per-click (CPC), and conversions.

Monthly Management

Using our comprehensive reports, knowledge, and experience, our team will tweak your account each month to continually improve your campaign. The goal is to reduce your spend and get better quality leads/sales

Custom-built AdWords Campaigns

All our Google Ads campaigns are hand crafted by Google AdWords certified staff. These are built around your product/services instead of being copied or software-driven like some others. This ensures the campaign is designed to best suit your needs, goals, budget, and branding.

How to get started with Google Ads?

Google Ads is a great way to quickly increase your online sales or leads. It is smart and affordable marketing, and our two options include basics such as account setup, campaigns, and reports.



New account setup
Up to three campaigns created for you
Monthly reporting and account tweaks

Option 1

$ 10,50

  • New account setup
  • Up to three campaigns created for you
  • Monthly reporting and account tweaks

Option 2

$ 2,750

  • New account setup
  • Up to ten campaigns created for you
  • Monthly reporting and account tweaks

Contact us today to get started!

At Media Giant we provide a total website redesign service, taking into account on-page and off-page technical aspects, site performance, aesthetic and branding design, and SEO performance to deliver an elegant and effective website experience.


Our team includes technical experts proficient in websites and SEO, copywriters and graphic designers. Ask us what we can do for your website. Send us an enquiry or call us.

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