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It really is that simple. Just add a pinch of logic and a dash of math!

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Website Audit

SEO Audit

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SEO Backlinks

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The best sales strategy or most charismatic salesperson is useless without good lead generation.

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If you’re like many of our clients that have brick-and-mortar premises servicing one or more locations, you’ll want to target clients in specific parts of the country with local content.


If you are a business operating solely in Wellington, for example, appearing in the search results of Google users in Auckland or Brisbane is somewhat of a waste of time.


Don’t cast the net too wide in your SEO efforts; focus on the search terms which are relevant to what you are offering. Search engines want to pair local searchers with local business, so optimising your site for geographical search is a no brainer right? 

With the big push to "Shop Local" make sure your community can see business.

Local listings and keywords help to get you in front of your local audience.

There are various SEO methods that can help you to optimise your website for localised searches, honing in on the people who may actually be prospective customers or clients.

You want your results to be showing up on Google maps, ranking highly for location-specific terms like “near me” or “in Wellington”, and catching the eye of anyone on the hunt for your product or service in your locale.


There are many different ways that someone might search for what you’re offering. There are also many ways to have your information and content displayed: as a basic search listing, as a business directory listing, as a map location, and more. Getting all of the technical aspects of your site ready to be picked up by the search engines and creating content that will further your local SEO goals is no simple task. 


Media Giant can guide and manage your local SEO efforts. We will ensure that all your bases are covered, all of your business information listed where it needs to be, and your keywords are on point. If your business is tied to a particular location and you’d like to target searchers in that area, get in touch. We can help!

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If you are looking to boost your sales numbers with proven SEO methods, get in touch with the Media Giant team. We would love to use our experience and skills to help you get more leads for your business.

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