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Google Shopping

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Google Shopping

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Google Shopping

Did you know that Google has an advertising tool specifically for online shoppers and retailers? If you’re selling physical products on the internet, you need to hear about Google Shopping.


Presenting like a separate search engine that’s geared exclusively towards finding what someone wants to buy, this platform makes life easier on both sides of the virtual shop counter.

This is streamlined online shopping at its finest, and offers the opportunity for brands and businesses to get their product in front of many keen buyers. It also gives shoppers the chance to easily find exactly what they are looking to purchase without opening thousands of tabs to compare options: a win-win. 

Google Shopping is another great example of pay-per-click advertising, one that is specifically geared towards retailers. Essentially, it is a comparison shopping engine, which directly lists products with images and prices as per the shopper’s search. 

Sell more of your most important products

Maximum exposure for your online store.

If you’re selling products online and you aren’t listed on Google Shopping, you’re missing out on something that could really boost your sales numbers.


Like Google Ads, this platform allows advertisers to target specific and relevant search terms and queries, bidding on the words and phrases which represent a need their product can fill. As with all examples of PPC, the ability to capture either broad searches or very narrow ones (or both) is highly valuable here, and unique to digital marketing channels. The listings show images and prices for easy comparison, setting it apart from text-based Google Ads and making it ideal for shopping purposes—like an online catalogue with options from a wide variety of vendors. When a buyer clicks on the “shopping” results page, they can also filter their results by price and other features for a smooth experience.

So how do you take advantage of this PPC tool? It involves setting up an account, optimising your imagery for the format, collecting and inputting product data, linking your Google Ads account, and then creating a campaign and bidding on search terms. It’s no simple task, and like an Google Ads campaign it requires careful management to return the best results.

Got a physical product you’re selling online? Want better results and a guaranteed ROI for your advertising spend?


Talk to the Media Giant team about Google Shopping. We can help you to set up and manage effective campaigns that get your goods out the door.

Google Shopping

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If you are looking to boost your sales numbers with tried-and-true SEO methods, get in touch with the Media Giant team. We would love to use our experience and skills to help you get more leads for your business.

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