Are SEO Services Worth It?

Are SEO Services Worth It?

Have you ever wondered if the reason you aren’t getting so many visitors to your website is that you are missing out on SEO? Have you been trying to target the search engine’s algorithm on your own, but you haven’t had any luck? Media Giant provide digital marketing services and are experts in search engine optimisation. Our blog explains why professional SEO services can be totally worth it for your business.

We understand that businesses are trying to cut down on costs wherever they can in today’s world, with the first one often being their digital marketing services. People think that there is so much information online about doing your own website, digital marketing, social media marketing and SEO, that instead of using professionals to do their job, they do it themselves.

However, what they don’t realise is how important digital marketing and SEO are for the success of their business. Here are four things SEO services can do for you that will save you time and increase your website’s reputation and traffic.

Utilise meta titles and descriptions

By utilising the SEO setting on your website, you will achieve an improvement in where you appear on Google after some time. However, SEO services live and breathe settings such as meta titles and descriptions and will save you a significant amount of time. These are the key to ranking well on Google and might take a few tries to get right on your own. Taking a crash course with an SEO service will help you learn and use these to your advantage. At Media Giant, we have seen over 10-page improvements for some of our clients after writing their meta titles and descriptions.

Thorough keyword research

Keyword research determines what exact phrases Google users select when searching for a specific product or service. There is a significant difference between using the phrase eye exam and eye test on an optometrist’s website as an example. One might get hundreds of searches a day, the other only a couple. Understanding what words your business’ clients are using and strategically placing them on your website, blogs, and other digital content is the only way your business will appear during these specific searches. Keyword research is done using various complicated software, which SEO services are experienced in.

Content creation and marketing

SEO is much more than just meta descriptions and keyword research. It also involves creating new content monthly or even weekly to drive fresh clients to your website and ensure Google knows that your website is current and updated. Specialist SEO services, like Media Giant, often have an in-house content writer who can compose blogs, press releases and other website content with specific keywords in mind. Lawyers, accountants, doctors and dentists are usually exceptional at what they do but might not have the time and skills to write content that will appeal to their audience.

Build links that help make your website reputable in the eyes of Google

Both internal and external linking helps drive traffic to your website and specific pages. Most importantly, however, they work to assure Google that your website is authentic, reputable, and updated regularly. This again, will help your website rank well. Internal links can be created through blogs and external links through press releases and websites such as Yellow pages.

We absolutely believe that SEO services are worth the money you pay for them. At Media Giant, we ensure that your website improves in its ranking when you sign with us and that it will always have fresh, interesting content that will drive traffic to your website. Contact us now if you want to try our services!

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