Why Is My CPC So High?

Why Is My CPC So High?

What is Cost-Per-Click (CPC):

CPC is the price you pay for each click on one of your PPC adverts on platforms like Google Ads. Several factors influence your cost per click, including your maximum bid, Quality Score, and the ad rank of other advertisers bidding on the same phrase. Because those clicks and prices pile up quickly, your CPC is a crucial measure. You won’t be able to get a return on your advertising spend if your CPC is too high (ROI).

What To Consider:


Is this market oversaturated? If you’re a snowboarding company in Queenstown, for example, there won’t be much competition for your keywords in January, leading to a cheaper CPC. There aren’t many people bidding on swimsuit-related keywords right now, and the fewer bids there are, the cheaper each term will be.

Quality Score:

Google provides a number between one and 10 to your quality score. It is directly related to the cost per click that Google will charge you. Your account’s quality score will increase if you examine the relevancy of your advertising, keywords, and landing pages and make the necessary improvements. We’ll come back to this later.

Conversion Rate:

Understanding your conversion value is also crucial. A firm that sells basketballs, for example, has a lower conversion value than one that sells expensive vehicles. Each convert might be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for the luxury automobile manufacturer, and because of this high conversion value, they can bid higher per click.

Here are a few options for lowering your CPC:

Improve Quality Score:

When conducting a successful Google Advertising campaign, it’s critical to focus on the relevancy of your keywords, ads, and landing pages. Your ad wording should be related to the search terms as well as any keywords in that ad group. Your ad groups, keywords, advertisements, and landing pages should all be tailored to particular goals. This ensures that each ad group is relevant, raising the quality score and decreasing the CPC. Landing pages follow the same standards. If you have a blue t-shirt ad group, your ad landing sites should represent the blue t-shirts in some way rather than redirecting them to a sales page.

Long-Tailed Keywords:

You’ll be in a smaller bidding pool if you use long-tail keywords. You’re moving away from broad keywords and towards a more focused set of keywords. These keywords have less competition; thus, your CPC will be reduced. You might also look for keywords that are similar to the one you’ve been looking for. You could come upon one that is less competitive and less expensive than the term you were previously pursuing.

Lowering Your Bids:

Lowering bids is the simplest technique to decrease a high CPC. Although your ad position may drop, it’s interesting to examine how advertising performs in the second or third positions. Lower bids may be worth it if your key performance indicators (KPIs) stay the same or if you receive more clicks.

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