The importance of creating dedicated landing pages for your Google Ads

The importance of creating dedicated landing pages for your Google Ads

Before you pour money into Gogle Ads, you’ll want to understand how to get the most out of your advertising investment. In this latest blog by Media Giant, we’ll discuss the importance of creating a dedicated landing page to direct your Google Ad traffic to.


In this blog, you’ll learn:

  • The correlation between Google Ad keywords and your landing page
  • How to create a dedicated landing page for your Google Ad traffic
  • Why this approach can help track conversions and inform future marketing decisions


A quick word about keywords


The foundation of digital marketing is centred around keywords. You’ll likely already know plenty about keywords, but a brief explanation of their importance is:

  • Keywords are used by search engines to determine user search intent
  • SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) are created by analysing keyword relevancy
  • Matching your landing page keywords with user search keywords helps direct users to your page.

There are two main issues with keywords in 2019: everyone is using them, and not everyone is using them correctly. For example, you may think that loading a page with multiple terms and hot keywords will help your page rank for multiple terms. Unfortunately, Google search algorithms are growing increasingly intelligent and complex, and currently prefers pages that use only one specific family of keywords.


How to avoid diluting your keyword authority

This means if you own a business which offers multiple, individual services, placing all of your keywords on one page will dilute its relevance in search results. Let’s look at a quick example:

  • A business offers gardening services.
  • They create a single services page with keywords focussing on Landscaping, Paving, Garden Fixtures, and Decking.
  • This page then splits the authority of its keywords into four parts, essentially giving it only 1/4 of the ranking power for each of those selected keywords.

In comparison, if the business were to create four individual pages, with each page focussed on a dedicated keyword above, then each page would have 100 per cent keyword authority – and Google wouldn’t be confused about what the page was trying to promote.


How to use keywords effectively in Google Ads


The example above also leads into creating effective Google Ads. When deciding on creating an ad campaign, you’re limited by the available character count; Google Ads are short, which means you’ll only include one – or at most, two – keywords in the ad text.

Following on from the example above, the gardening business would want to create:

  • Five individual Google Ads, with high-ranking keywords for: Gardening Services, Landscaping, Paving, Garden Fixtures, and Decking.
  • Direct each of these ads to the appropriate, single-keyword-focussed page.
  • Now the business can track ads and keyword selection to see which are most effective, and distinguish customer search intent much easier.

The result is that customers searching for Gardening Services will only see the general gardening services ad, and be directed to the primary gardening services page, while those looking for specific services won’t be directed to a single page where they may not find their desired information – instead, they’ll see an ad for landscaping, and be directed to a page solely about landscaping.


The one page, one message mentality


Digital marketing is highly competitive, and people now do the majority of their research online. Creating a dedicated landing page with a singular, primary focus not only means that your pages will have a better chance of ranking online, but you’re also creating a very simple pathway to conversions for your potential customers.

Think of it like this: if you were searching for one of the above services, would you want to navigate to a long, exhaustive page which requires you to scroll through a number of services before you find the one you wanted?

It’s unlikely and, from an SEO perspective, a business will risk either diluting the information about a single topic due to the length of an exhaustive page, or not including enough information to ensure a customer is comfortable to make a conversion on the page.


Ready to create a competitive website for your business?

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